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Fohow Hope Foundation

Founded in 2008 with “Showing Our Love and Kindness to Everyone” as its tenet, the Fohow Hope Foundation advocates love to promote the construction of the charity culture.


The Fohow Hope Foundation is an internal sheer commonweal organization that acts on behalf of the staff and partners of the Fohow Group instead of any government or any other organization. The Fohow Hope Foundation has its specific bylaws, institutional framework and responsibilities; it raises money and goods for charity, responsible for the registration, management and operation of the money and goods donated voluntarily by the Fohow Group and its partners, as well as other warmhearted people, so as to use them to help the orphanages from all over the world improve their environments and thus help with the healthy growth of orphans.


Over the past years, the Fohow Group has held many charitable activities all over the world, donating money and goods to thousands of children in Europe, Asia and Africa, which has enabled to greatly promote the spirits of the traditional Chinese culture and the charity idea “Showing Our Love and Kindness to Everyone” and win a worldwide reputation and set up a good corporate image for the group.



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